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Selected interviews, articles and appearance are below. 
But the best place to keep up with what I'm doing currently is Twitter

We evolved to manipulate- Triggerpod interview

My Triggerpod interview on an evolutionary behaviorist view of relationships, BF Skinner, babies, manipulation and determinism. 

Love Zombies

Has love turned you into a zombie? In this episode of Zombified, Athena Aktipis talks to evolutionary psychologist and relationship expert Diana Fleischman about the many ways love zombifies us: from romantic relationships to parent-child interactions. 

Ramblechat with Adam Buxton

Adam talks with the American evolutionary psychologist Dr Diana Fleischman about gender roles, animal suffering, nature vs nurture, incest, cannibalism, plane crashes, and cryogenics.

Universal morality is obscured by evolved morality

An article on morality for This View of Life. 

"Evolved morality not only obscures universal morality but also creates an aversion to improvements to humans that would align our intuitions with actions that promote sentient well-being"

Interview with Triggerpod on Evolutionary Psychology, Men & Women & Effective Altruism

My first interview with Triggerpod comedians Francis Foster and Konstantin Kisin

An evolutionary psychology perspectives on sex robots: uncanny vulvas

An article for Jacobite magazine on how sex robots might develop and change society from an evolutionary perspective including an analysis of the complications of courtship, the rise of sexual substitutes, and how sex robots may emulate a change in sex ratio.

The Evolution of Human Morality - Darwin Day Lecture 2018

"Evolutionary psychologist Dr Diana S. Fleischman delighted an audience of close to 1,000 people in London on Thursday night as part of Humanists UK’s annual celebration of Darwin Day, the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. Diana’s lecture took on a suitably Darwinian theme, exploring the evolution of human morality – as well as its limitations." - Humanists UK writeup of the event

Gifts in Skinner Boxes- Nudgestock talk 2017

Nudgestock 2017 talk on the interface of behaviorism and evolutionary psychology to better understand human preferences, gift giving and advertising. 

How do we shape each other's behaviors?

"Survival of the fittest in the modern world means being able to get your way in an expanding web of social networks. Canvas8 spoke with evolutionary psychologist Dr. Diana Fleischman to understand how we constantly and subconsciously train others to do what we want"

Dianaverse blogs

Several blogs I wrote a few years ago about animal sentience, bivalveganism (adding oysters and mussels to a vegan diet because they are not sentient), in vitro meat and other topics.

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