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If you're wondering if my brain is available for rent you've come to the right place. I have extensive experience consulting, speaking, coaching, tutoring and writing. Use my contact form to get in touch if you're wondering if I might be able to help you out. If it sounds like a good fit I'll book a time for us to talk. 


I've consulted for companies on a wide range of topics. For example, I've consulted with Ogilvy on the best way to market sexual health products to young people and the pros and cons of an in-person work environment versus remote working for Teneo. I've also done data analysis for projects for Animal Charity Evaluators. My areas of expertise include survey design, personality and individual differences, and evolutionary psychology. But, as you can see from my CV, I also have clinical and public health experience. 


Speaking and Presenting 

I have given talks all over the world for a wide range of audiences. My Darwin Day talk for the UK humanists on the evolution of human morality sold out faster than any of their previous speakers. In the last few years I have also spoken at Tasmania’s Dark and Dangerous Thoughts festival, the Festival of the Free Thinker in Ghent and, more recently, given online talks for Universities and conferences. You can see some of my talks and interviews on my media page here. I'm also interested in other forms of science outreach and presenting.


I've worked with several people to figure out what's going on with their lives and relationships. For example I've helped craft online dating profiles and talked people through major relationship and life decisions. Although I have worked in clinical psychology and medical settings, I'm not a clinician. I bring a rationalist and evolutionary perspective to help clients them with a specific problem over the course of a few sessions. 



I've taught and developed many courses for students, like introductory psychology, research methods

psychology of human sexuality and evolutionary psychology. Using this experience, I've put together individual courses of curated readings for people who were writing books, teaching or who just wanted to learn something new. 


I write a few articles a year. For example in the last couple of years I've written about abortion ethics, a utilitarian view on meat eating, how behavioral genetics might bias us against people's relatives, Machiavellian intelligence and the impact of social media on mental health

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